Seeking help on foot sore IR horse

Janice B-D

This is my first post here (recommended by my farrier to reach out) Searching for help & suggestions on getting my 17 year old mustang comfortable on his front feet. 

- Came down with laminitis June 2020 
(had previous episodes first ever in 2015, second in 2018 - but thankfully recovered and was sound from 2015-2018 and 2018-2020) the cause seemed to be spring grass despite muzzle / restricting time on grass.

in June 2020 he was wearing shoes when he had his third attack — my vet and farrier did not want to change from the shoes, and recommended he keep them on. He had sinking in both fronts. My vet started him in Thyro L and 1 prascend tablet daily. 

he remained sore despite trying different shoe set ups (glu shoe, reverse shoe) updated x rays showed dangerously thin soles, and bone density loss from not being comfortable enough to move around. I then switched to cloud boots, and put him on bonewise supplement to help bone density. Blood Mineral test at that time showed he was high in IRON and deficient in zinc/ copper. So started to supplement with madbarn copper and Zinc. Blood test showed his PPID was normal range, and we assumed Insulin was high based on his high iron results 

May 2021 - my farrier at the time had let his heel height go out of control despite my vet telling him to trim every 2 weeks and slowly bring the heel down/ balance the feet. I was incredibly lucky to find a rehab specialist to take over his trims - and slowly lower his heels (and give me guidance). We tested his insulin at that time and it was 148. After a few months of trims we were finally able to hand walk since he was happy/ comfortable in his cloud boots. He was even trotting/ cantering on his own outside for the first time in over a year.

we retested PPID and insulin in November - cushings was normal range, Insulin came back at 67 

He was doing great, daily handwalking / trotting in hand - then in January 2022 he became sore on LF. 

treated for abscess, and had one drain from heel/ frog area - but he really struggled over the extreme cold winter in Canada. Kept him wrapped and blanketed to try to help with his circulation. 

He gets trimmed every 3 weeks, but we still haven’t been able to get him landing heel first, and he’s still foot sore. He is stalled at night, and been in a dirt paddock since 2020 (no grass at all). We are going to recheck his PPID and insulin blood work this week. 

I was unable to soak his hay in the cold weather, but have been soaking most of it since the nice weather. 

My farrier and I aren’t sure what is causing the continued foot soreness/ inflammation. He’s never tested positive for PPID, but he hasn’t fully shed out yet this year. I’ve had x rays taken every 3
months. There weren’t much change between February and May radiographs. My vet thinks he’s foot sore from walking on his soles with not enough wall support (based on how his feet are growing out/ where the laminar wedge is at the toe). We are looking into doing some easycare composite shoes, with pour in pads  to see if that can help his sore soles? However we are worried there is still something driving inflammation so going to get updated blood tests. 

Thank you for your time, it is so much appreciated 
Janice Blacquiere-Delong 
Ontario, Canada June 2022

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