Update on Isaac


Isaac is still refusing to eat his supplements/timothy pellets since upping his Prascend does to the full dose of 1/2 tab. I lowered it back to 1/4 tab about two weeks ago and he still will not eat his supplements. He eats his hay as normal.  I have tried cinnamon, fenugreek, putting less supplements, adding 1/4 cup stabilized rice bran. I am checking the boxes on the picky eaters list and will continue working my way through the list. I have started leaving out Spirulina to start isolating. No luck yet. I am concerned that he is not getting his balanced supplements to grow a good hoof. He tends to get WLD, which has all since grown out, but still concerned. I thought I had added his Prascend to the CH under medicine but it is not there, I will update that with specific dates.
I know this will be a red flag but I have thought about going back to whole oats to get him eating again. The TC timothy cubes and Stabul 1 are not available at the local TSC and the feed mill will special order but the price doubles. It must not be in high demand in this area.
Thank you for your support.
Rene` in WI 2021
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