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"Dr. Kellon helped me save my gelding Elko's Eye of Odin. He had a rather unique onset of winter laminitis, almost no other symptoms indicating he was EMS. Thanks to a referral to Dr. Kellon's ECIR groups (on Facebook and I had metabolic panels drawn for both of my BLM Mustangs - Bella, a 16yo mare, and Odin, a 12yo gelding. BOTH had sky high ACTH, high insulin, and leptin. She personally helped me determine that I could fly my gelding to our new home in Maryland so that his recuperation could continue, and she gives this time equally to so many of us who have very tricky questions. Thanks to Dr. Kellon's personal crusade to ensure that Cushings/PPID and EMS/IR are no longer by default death sentences that lead to crippling laminitis, pain, and eventual euthanasia, my mare Bella is now rideable, and my gelding Odin is recovering using the ECIR recommendations she put into place and volunteers in her groups share with horse owners like myself. I cannot emphasize this enough - no single equine vet practicing alive right now is doing more for the science of horse health than Dr. Eleanor Kellon. She deserves this award, and then some. Thank you for accepting this nomination on her behalf, from my horses, myself, and thousands more like us. "
Jen McCabe
Laytonsville, Maryland 
Joined 2022
+ Odin (2010 BLM Mustang - IR/EMS diagnosed after Winter Laminitis), Bella (2008 BLM Mustang - PPID/Cushings diagnosed in 2000)+ Fiki (2015 Arabian)
Odin and Bella Case Histories

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