Peanut has stopped eating her hay



This is a wierd one. Hope you can help me.  About 2 weeks ago Peanut started not finishing her hay meals. She would eat most but not all. Prior to this she always ate everything I put in her hay net. So I tried a hay net with larger holes. But that didn't seem to make any difference. Then I tried feeding it free choice...but it only got worse. Finally last Thursday and Friday she didn't eat ANY of her hay!! She would eat her Stabul-1 with her minerals. And she would eat green grass if she could get to it. But totally refused to eat any hay. She also quit drinking but was licking her salt block a LOT. She had very reduced amounts of manure because nothing was going in. Note-This is the same hay she had been eating since April. I changed bales and fed the refused hay to the rest of the herd. They all gobbled it down. 

I took her to the vet on Saturday. All vitals were normal or near normal. CBC was also normal. Still waiting on results of chem panel. Vet gave her 10cc of banamine to see if it would help.  It did seem to encourage her to eat a bit more....but still hardly any. I did feed her 2# of Stabul-1 with some clay ( bentonite) in the am and 2# in the pm with her minerals. To encourage her to start eating I have allowed her to graze on very short dry grass for a hour each morning and evening which she readily does. She has started drinking again and her poop production is back to normal. But she still refuses to eat her hay!!  Vet is leaning toward ulcers. I am thinking it may be psychological. 

I am at a loss....has anyone else had this experience??  Any ideas on how to encourage her to eat her hay?? I do have a grazing muzzle that fits her but I haven't tried previously because the hay nets were working well.   TIA

Alice A
March 2021, Custer, SD 
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