Re: Update on Isaac


Where are you in WI? Pulaski Warehouse carries TC Timothy balance cubes. I bought their last bags and waiting for the next shipment, but might be an option.

Also, seems silly but after trying to get my mare to eat beet pulp, I tried the picky eater protocol by giving her fresh beet pulp every night in her stall. Then when she wouldn't eat it I would set it out in front of her for my gelding to eat it. She decided then that it must be good since he was eating it and she kicked him out of her bucket. Maybe worth a try. 

I'm sure the moderators will have advice. But I've also mixed the supps in water and poured over her hay when she was being stubborn and would only eat hay (some ends up on the ground but I think it still gets them used to the taste) some people syringe it I've read on here, but haven't needed to try that myself.
Amber Lauer
September 2016, Black Creek, WI

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