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Hi, René.
Isaac is one handsome guy. Does that photo reflect his current body condition? FWIW my horses have all liked banana flavored Stabul 1.  You can get small quantities of flavors directly from Anderson Feeds to test palatability .  Whatever flavor you try, I suggest feeding it first in small quantities without minerals to get Isaac used to it. I like to add a teaspoon of salt first. 

The sign from above that I see is that equines are world class experts at masking pain as diet pickiness and as intermittent lameness.  Keep it simple, work simultaneously to control all the factors at work on Isaac, and be patient. Oats and rice bran are NOT the solution here. They will make his insulin resistance worse and can trigger laminitis. Getting his insulin and PPID under control are critical.  Are you still feeding the Oct. 2021 hay with the analysis in your CH folder? ESC+ starch at 9.7% is very high for a pony. Soaking will reduce that ESC, as Dr Kellon recommends. 

 Keep trying jiaogulan twice a day and make sure you are seeing pinker tongue and gums. If Isaac were mine, I'd try again to increase his pergolide dose. The seasonal rise is coming. I'm already increasing my horses' pergolide to make sure we're ready. The effects of uncontrolled PPID can be confused with the veil, but the veil is almost always temporary. The equine can act spacey and distracted, walking away from hay like he forgot what he was doing or isn't hungry. The veil does go away after several days. Poor acceptance of bucket feed and lethargy aren't exclusive signs of the veil. Both can be associated with uncontrolled PPID, pain, and other conditions. They don't make it easy on us.
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