Fizzie Iris - Bad bad xray results - need urgent advice as to what can be done

Mandy Charmam

Dear all

Hoping you can help.  My pony Fizzie Iris much worse.  Since reaching out in Jan - we have adjusted his diet as advised by Carol Layton - new diet in Case file. We have also lowered heels etc. I can add new photos to the Case file if wanted. 

We have had EMS test and he is 51 mU/L for insulin and 47.2 pg/ml for ACTH  We put him on Ertuglifozin - L-Pyro - 1.5 ml. This has resulted in massive loss of weight. He appears a bit better, quite perky and alert except in the left fore which continues to show exteme lameness. 

He had a abssess erupt about 1.5 month ago in that left fore, it was under the frog and came out through the heel. I assumed this might alleviate the lameness but it has continued. He stands with his foot tipped forward resting on the toe and is extremely lame. 

We got him xrayed early this week 25 June and it shows extreme deterioration in the left fore - rotation and considerable loss of bone. Vet thinks circulation has been compromised. This is a extreme deterioration to that showed in the Xrays taken in January. The right fore remains the same as that shown in the Jan xrays. Vet suggested PTS as he can not see anything else to do. I wanted to get the expert opinion from this group before doing anything. I have requested the Xrays but they haven't arrived yet. 

HIs diet it  low sugar hay (tested), which he has available ad lib in his yard. Yard is totally carpertted by hay to protect him from shoots of grass. , Speedi beet, small amounts of Higain zero, DCP, linseeds, vit E and a Vit and Min mix. Our hay is very high in Iron and Manganese which was taken into account and balanced with the V&M mix ...But one of my other horses is showing signs of Mg deficiency so I am wondering about Fizzie.  I did want to check about the speedi beet - does it have to be rinsed due to iron - and is this before soaking, after soaking or both?  

Other than this is there anything else that can be done ? Concerned about pain of course and putting him through this. He general good spririts have kept me going. is there any change that he can recover from this and if so what is needed ?
I will post Xrays as soon as they arrive
Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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