Locked Re: Urgent Advice Required (Part II)


Thank you Kirsten, Your response is greatly appreciated. 

I need to upload bloods taken in March 2022 which include ACTH and TRH Stim and your thoughts would be much appreciated. Emme doesn’t present any signs of PPID such as curly coat/not shedding, excessive thirst or issues with urination. She does have some muscle wastage but that I put down to the fact she is often uncomfortable and active movement isn’t always possible. All blood results clearly show very elevated IR - I just wanted to triple check that it’s not a common occurrence for results to show false readings and that PPID could still be the root cause. 

Over the last few weeks she has lost some weight and her fat pads and crest have decreased for the first time since I have had her in my care. She is currently boot-less and on a grass free track and managing to mooch about relatively comfortably and it’s really encouraging to see her wanting to actively walk around. She is still struggling on harder ground but I realise this is a marathon and not a sprint and these smaller achievements are very positive. I also need to upload her latest X-rays which were taken in late April. She is very lightly trimmed every 3 weeks. 

I will upload the last bloods taken (if I remember how?!!). - I’ll do this today. 

Thank you for the support and lifeline. It’s greatly appreciated x
Rebecca , Surrey UK 2021
Case History Folder https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Rebecca%20&%20Emme%20from%20UK
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