Re: Update on Isaac


Thanks Cass! I do have a special spot in my heart for Isaac. Gosh, I appreciate your reply. I wish I could share a video of Isaac to show how he behaves/walks/runs/causes trouble and just plain acts like a normal pony. After many years of wondering why he has issues it is a relief to have a group like this with all this knowledge.

It may surprise you to know that Isaac has not foundered like Joshua has, Isaac overgrows everything and is susceptible to white line disease. Now that I am trimming him myself (just keeping up with growth at 4 week trims) and have a better understanding of how to trim my ponies thanks to this group and Pete Ramey articles (how I found ECIR) both ponies are doing much better.

For nearly 22 years I was trying everything the vets said to do and any information I could find online to help my ponies. I did not know how to trim feet before 2019. A good friend got me started and after that I studied the Pete Ramey articles. In 2016 the independent Vet I am using now recommended putting Joshua to sleep after looking at X-rays. When I started trimming, Joshua had zero concavity at the apex of the frog. Now after 3 years I am finally seeing natural normal concavity. Last year I spent the whole year trimming both ponies every two weeks. This trim knowledge and the vast amount of information I have found here on diet and IR and PPID has changed my ponies lives for the better!! So grateful!!

So now we have hit another bump in the road to healing but I believe with patience and time we will overcome this too.
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