Re: BOT flies - deworm again?


Hi, Laura. 
Ivermectin is effective against bots.  

Deworming at least quarterly is good practice where your horse is boarded with other equines where he has risks of exposures. With all the mysteries we face treating our horses, I personally believe deworming for parasites using an acknowledged effective dewormer is an easy choice. A fecal sample won't hurt, but to quote the AAEP, 
"It is important to note that a negative fecal examination does not mean the horse is free of internal parasites. Some types of parasites produce eggs only intermittently. Larvae do not produce eggs at all, and may be present in large numbers in a horse with a fecal egg count of zero. And tapeworm eggs may be missed with routine fecal egg count techniques."

There is a ton of information about deworming in the Horsekeeping sub group. Dr Kellon offers a short online course on Deworming that removes most of the mystery on the control of internal parasite. I recommend it. 
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