Farrier for Northern MN /East ND -near fargo ND

Lori Ricigliano

Please - I’m not sure if my mare can be saved - I sent rads to the laminitis site & thankfully they gave me hope & direction but I need a farrier who can understand their directions for the trim off of my X-rays  & their very detailed directions- I’m located approx 30 miles south of Fargo ND on the Minnesota side - does anyone know of a farrier in my area capable of this . I’ve been working on her for 2yrs - she’s metabolic - half arab mare on thyroid meds - bute and on low non structural carbo hydrates  hay & supplements - vet sees damage to pedal bone in both - they the vet & current farrier say they are out of ideas . Please help 
Lori R in MN - 2022

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