Insulin under control, but now significant remodeling of the spine


Last week I celebrated that Ava's rads showed correction of rotation in both fronts and another blood test showed her insulin remains in "normal' reference range.  Yesterday, the vet did rads of her back which showed her back arthritis has worsened and spread. She said she has significant remodeling and although she doesn't like to say it, she said basically Ava has kissing spine.  Her back pain was under control with Equioxx in the past, but she is now on Invokana and can't use NSAIDs.  I tried DC this past week and was gradually increasing her dose, yesterday she had hives (which is what happened when I used DC Plus years ago).  Now it could be hives from bug bites, but she was the only horse here to have them so I think it was a reaction to DC.  What else can I try to give her some relief?

The game plan is to try PRP and possibly shock wave since we can't do steroid injections.  Has anyone use PRP for kissing spine?  Any other success stories of providing relief when traditional therapies can not be used?   She does receive chiro, PEMF, and body work.  Would the Equicore system be worthwhile to buy?  I do plan to do ground work/rehab with her, but the vet wants me to wait two weeks after she receives PRP.  

The vet made it clear to me that PRP may not provide relief but she thinks its worth a shot.  I am looking for hope that I can give my girl a happy, comfortable life.  
Heather W in WI 2022

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