Re: Source for small bales of hay in south central area of Wisconsin


Hi Heather,
Thanks so much for info.  Don't have a way to feed round bales but even some "quite small" bales would be okay as long as straight grass.  Richfield is only about 1 hour away and our horse trailer can hold between 75-100 bales depending upon size.  Regarding your second hay source, I'd be willing to help pay for testing if needed, provided they would guarantee holding hay until test results come back.

I did hear back from commercial hay grower. First crop hay test results are pending but he said usually second and third crop lowest in sugar/starch.  Their lab only does wet chemistry analysis but use NSC not ESC however most of their hay is < 10% NSC, so still would be okay.  Grower has very good reviews.  Both hay and soil analysis posted on their website.  Owner welcomed info about ECIR and  

I really appreciate your willingness to help find hay for Apollo.  Certainly will be a load off my mind knowing I won't have to rely on expensive timothy balance cubes.
Karen B.
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