Re: Source for tested hay in New Jersey?

Christina Spoegler

Hi Sarah,

I can recommend a farm in Springfield Township, Burlington County, that I bought from for years. I used to test the hay myself, up until three years ago, and it consistently tested low in starch and sugar, according to ECIR standards. Let me know if you’d like contact info, and I’ll send to you. 

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On Friday, July 1, 2022, 5:23 PM, sarah.k.andrew@... wrote:

Bumping this up to ask if anyone in NJ has had any hay luck this summer? The local hay farmers and dealers I'm working with are all very helpful but I have only found one who has an analysis available so I am testing everything else myself. I have 3 samples mailed out for analysis at the moment and am thinking ahead about where else to look if the 3 samples of hay I tested aren't appropriate for my horse. 

I made some calls this spring and some of the hay dealers on the list linked in this thread no longer test their hay, or at least don't have anything tested at the moment. I'm happy to drive for the right hay so even if you're adjacent to NJ, I'm all ears. I'm also happy to pool resources and share any tests I have done so we all can save time and money. Thank you in advance. 

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