Insulin and ACTH results

Patricia Evans

Hi all,
I had new bloodwork drawn on my horses recently and the results for Dancer came back higher than expected. She has had labs within the reference range for the past year or so. My question is that Dancer had a violent reaction to having her temperature taken during her exam by the vet prior to the bloodwork being drawn. She struggled, reared and danced around, which was totally unexpected, since she had never done that before. Could her higher labs be a result of all that upset, or is it more likely that it was just the time of year? I plan to have the vet draw the bloodwork prior to the exam next time. Her pergolide was increased by 1/2 mg since the seasonal rise is beginning, but I would like to know for my own information if that could possibly be the result of that activity before the draw. Everything else was the same and she had her normal hay and AM meal before the vet visit.
Thanks for any information.


North central Florida

July 7 2018


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