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Hi Sherry, I reloaded Mouse's case history.  I have no idea where it went.  I used to be able to find both Mouse and Ryn's on page 35 but it looks like they may have moved?  I am still trying to learn the system!  Mouse initially presented as if he had an abcess, which we treated accordingly.  It never blew after several weeks and in the interim, we did blood work, new x-rays and his insulin was elevated.  Hence we determined metabolic issue.  This started in April on the RF.  As we have continued on with adding Heartbar shoes, medical plates (to protect the thin sole), soaked hay, emergency diet, appropriate supplements of flax, r/s/r beet pulp, Stabul1, Vit E, magnesium and iodized salt, he still had a mild DP/ medial RF.  That has been gone since June 9th. He is sound at the walk but off on the RF at the trot, 2 out of 5 going to the right.  Going left he is sound at the trot.  I have suspected that we are missing something here so I am pursuing a lameness expert.  He will be trimmed this Monday the 4th and I will take new pictures.  Dr. Kellon after last trim said his feet looked good and we are following all protocols as we understand them.  On Ryn, he is bigger boned than Mouse but a 100 lbs heavier so I think he needs to drop 100 lbs.  900 may be a bit lower than he should be but I need to be a bit closer to see how it looks. I use the calculation of HG squared x length divided by 330 for the weight.  My question about the bloodwork is that to me, we ran blood a month ago, diet is the same, exercise for Ryn is more but for Mouse is just walking in his paddock so wonder if doing bloodwork now is not prudent or if we should wait until Mouse can be exercised which cannot be until he is sound.  Just looking for some guidance.  Many thanks for the response.  

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