Re: Mosey fatigue

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

It's not the protein. There is not one single piece of research showing protein is harmful to exercising horses. In fact, most show suggested levels are too low.

Your problem is insufficient energy stores. Read this . I would suggest the beet pulp and oats mixture in your case.  Best to feed it shortly after work. To speed up the process, also give 3 oz of Karo corn syrup in the mixture for the first five feedings. Feed this ONLY on days he is worked.

You can't "prefeed" calories unless it's within an hour of work that is only lasting an hour. Otherwise, it just gets turned into fat.

Also very important is salt. He needs a bare minimum of 2 oz of salt intake/day plus an additional ounce for every hour worked.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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