Please advise regarding IR or not based on tests

Deborah Ide

My horse Snip (18 year old Morgan)  just received his IR test results. They are a bit perplexing to me. I have put them through the EMS calculator and these are the results:
 GI ration is 11.38, RISQI if 0.36 and MIRG is 4.5/  His blood values are as follows: glucose is 90, Insulin is 7.91 and his Leptin in 4.68. I cannot seem to  find the calculator that tells IR or not. Please help. I have emailed the vet to ask but no answer as of yet. For the last three years he has been tested with an ACTH test. All tests were negative so vet said he did not need it this year. He shows no signs of IR physically. I feed him with the IR diet because I think it is good for him. No pasture. He is kept in dry lot.

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