Re: Peanut has stopped eating her hay


We are back from CSU Vet Hospital.  Peanut did indeed have gastric ulcers. But I believe that part of her reluctance to eat was psychological because she ate OK while at the vet hospital. But when we got home she refused her hay again...and her Stabul 1.  We gave her our winter hay and she gobbled that down. We also gave her a bit of different low sugar grain which she ate as well. I believe she thought that her summer hay (and the Stabul 1) was causing her stomach pain.  Through this ordeal she lost about 100#. So we are feeding her free choice for a while to make sure her gut stays full and she doesn't lose more weight. Then we will start paring her feed back down to the 2% of body weight. She is being treated with a 30-day course of omeprazole. 

We think that the stress of a recent clinic plus being separated from her herd for the summer contributed to the onset of the ulcers.  We have made some adjustments to her living arrangements to reduce her stress and will be cognizant of her tendency to ulcers in the future. Because she is dry-lotted for the summer....she did have a small amount of sand in her stomach but the vet did not believe it was contributing to her symptoms or require treatment at this point. We have also made some changes in her feeding arrangements to minimize sand intake. 

Managing these IR animals is a challenge!! So thanks to Dr. Kellon and all here who have helped me keep her healthy!  

Alice A
March 2021, Custer, SD 
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