Haylage Cushings/Laminites



I am very new to Laminites and cushings. So sorry for quesations i ask that i probably should have known the answer to by now:-/

But first question:

Laminites/cushings and Haylage(not shure if thats the right word in english, but in Norwegian we call it silasje(Wet hay)
If mold free this should be the best alternative for laminites horses?

My pony get his, but i am starting to wonder if this is making her sick. Its very low in sugar and when i see mold i dont feed with that batch. But even if you dont see it or smell it. Can it be something in it that make her sick?Spores?

When i think back to when i got her, she was healthy but had laminites 2-3 years prior.But she was healthy and energetic. She had always been fed with dry hay, so we did that. But we started to buy dry hay wrapped in plastic. She got laminites.
I thought the feed wasnt the problem and got advice to feed haylage. We did that and made shure it was low in sugar. She got on her feet and wasnt sore, but something seemed "off". She had lost her energy it seemed. She was up and down. And was fine, then she got laminites again. She took som test and it showed that she had cushings. She is on 1/4 prascend. She got better from laminites, but she still seems off....? And now she got a cough...No fever, just cough. Can she be allergic to mold spores?

I started to feed with only dry hay now. Couple of days and i think (maybe i imagine it) that she seems more "on"

What do you guys think?

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