Re: Update on Isaac


Here's what I do to make sure my horse gets his vitamin E and A using gel caps.   I've been lucky my horse eats the vitamin gel caps, but at times he would not, even though the caps would soften in the wet mash. (I make morning and night pans at the same time so the hay pellets can breakdown in water).  And since I have electricity where I mix the mash, I now use a microwave oven to heat water (to boiling and about 1 cup water) in a glass measuring cup.  I mix the hay pellets and minerals in the pans, making a small "volcano" shaped pile and then make a depression in the center of pile to drop the caps in.  Then I pour the hot water onto the caps.  This melts the caps quickly and releases the oil/vitamin mix.  I then pour more cold water to soften the hay pellets.  When it's feeding time, I pour more water in to make a very wet mash.
Ronelle and Yoyo
2015 Bend, Or, US

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