Returning to work after a laminitis episode


My shetland, Nugget, had laminitis 3 wks ago. His third in three years, (March 2020, May 2021, May 2022. He was very sore. He had 6 days of 1 sachet of danilon a day and 6 days of half a sachet of danilon.
He was 14 days stabled and is now on a small bare patch. He is sound on boots and stomps happily about in his 12m x 10m enclosure. I am sure he has IR (he tested negative for PPID) I scheduled the kalo test recommended by my vet and they came to take blood while I was at work...apparently nugget wouldn't let them take the blood! (goodness knows what happened he is an angel) I do not like the test and have found that this group does not recommend it. I may try an adopinectin test next if my vet offers it. Nugget is a driving pony and loves to get out and about he likes to go fast!
How can I safely reintroduce him to work? This is my main concern, along with him never getting laminitis again! When will it be safe to walk him out in hand, and for how long? I imagine not back driving for 3 to 4 months?
He has 4° rotation on left and 5° rotation on right ...I don't know when he got the movement of course. He wears boots and special pads that I make for him with the farriers advice.
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