Re: Haylage Cushings/Laminites

Sherry Morse

Hi Hilde,

In the pictures you posted earlier this year Fiona appears to be overweight, her toes are too long in the x-rays and she has bone remodeling which indicates there have been long term issues with her feet.  These issues probably go back to before you got her if she had laminitis before. Has she lost weight over the last few months?  Are her hooves in better shape now?

Whatever hay you are using should be less than 10% ESC+starch.  If you have lost track of it the diet we recommend is outlined here: Re: Shetlandpony 12 year laminites ( which is your welcome letter from March.  

Mold can exist before we humans can see or smell it so while you are avoiding the obviously bad batches there is a chance Fiona has been exposed to some mold.  In my experience, most horses will not eat moldy hay if they have a choice but obviously it's better to not take a chance with it at all, particularly as it can cause them to cough even if they're not eating the hay, just breathing in the mold (same as in people).  

If you have not been able to test the dry hay I would soak it before feeding which will help with the sugar content and will also be better for Fiona if she's coughing.  

Have you had her insulin tested or her ACTH checked since she's been on Prascend?

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