Re: Help for Mare following extreme over-trimming to sole

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

It seems reasonable that pain is a stress and would increase cortisol but research has not shown that to be true: , .

DMSO has potent effects on tissue swelling and may have direct pain relieving effects; e.g. . It's a routine treatment for laminitis with some vets, as well as other conditions, even encephalitis.

Metformin does work for most horses, at least short term, but since she has improved no need to push it. You can't make medical decisions for the horse, neither can we. It has to be the treating veterinarian. If they know she has improved they may agree to a taper of the phenylbutazone. When she's down to 1 gram you can start the Laminox.

Pentoxifylline orally is more controversial in the research literature than metformin! Like metformin, in studies that found any effect it decreases over time.
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