Re: chewy and compounded pergolide

Susan Vaughan

I wanted to reply to this.
After another round of fisticuffs with Wedgewood I transferred the Rx to Chewy.
Info asf:
Pergolide compounded 1.5 mg capsule.

Order placed June 29,
Shipped June 30,
Received July 2.

Bottle label:
Compounded June 21, 2022
Filled on June 30, 2022,
Use before December 18, 2022,
Refill by June 29, 2023.

It was not my plan to go with Chewy, but seeing they had it - I went with it i/o
filling the Prascend - also on file at Chewy.

60 capsules cost $66 inc. shipping.

I don't have a CH on file yet.
Will do that when I can - so many things going on.
My horse is enrolled in the TRH Stim test study.
We've done the two tests.
Paperwork for that to be mailed soon.
His level increased post Stim - having been on 1 mg for a month.
For two weeks prior to the 1 mg dose we slowly increased the dose from .25 to .50 to .75 mg.
He sailed through it with no problems and was given APF.
Remy is my third horse in a row to develop Cushings.
Susan Vaughan in Houston Texas
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