Re: Returning to work after a laminitis episode

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Louise,

If Nugget is comfortable in boots and has had a corrective trim you can start handwalking in straight lines.  We generally like to see trim photos and existing rads before we give the green light to exercise though since we've seen a lot of very poor trims.  If returning to exercise is driving work, it can be started earlier than ridden work in a larger equine.  Let his level of comfort dictate how much you do: don't force him to move, and if he is the type to overdo exercise hold him back to a walk.

In North America it's the "Karo" syrup test.  But as Maxine stated it is not necessary.  You need baseline non-fasting insulin, glucose and (if over the age of 15) ACTH, as detailed in the Diagnosis section of your welcome letter.  Adiponectin is nice to have but not as important as insulin.

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