Re: Update on Isaac


Thank You, Cass! At this point I was just trying to isolate Isaac's preferences. We are still feeding without the timothy pellets and he is still eating his supplements which have the fresh ground flax seed base. The olive oil will be added to help with the absorption later. It was not my highest priority at the moment. is looking like I will not need any other carrier, but I will see how he responds to the trial samples of Stabul 1. With four to feed it is much simpler if they all can eat the same meal. Everyone else has accepted the timothy pellets and Isaac did at first too, until the increase in Prascend.

This is another question: I just noticed Isaac has fecal water as his tail started getting dirty. I have noticed hind gut issues with Joshua, but not Isaac ever. Has anyone else ever noticed a problem with loose stools or stomach upset from Prascend? Should I search or start a new topic?
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