Re: New Blood draw

Kirsten Rasmussen

My question about the bloodwork is that to me, we ran blood a month ago, diet is the same, exercise for Ryn is more but for Mouse is just walking in his paddock so wonder if doing bloodwork now is not prudent or if we should wait until Mouse can be exercised which cannot be until he is sound.  Just looking for some guidance.
I'm not sure this was answered.  You can do bloodwork as often as you like.  Usually for best value we advise it after making a change (diet, exercise, medication), or seeing a change in the horse (increased/decreased pain and/or voluntary movement for example).

I know it's a lot of working keeping 2 up to date Case histories, let alone the details we are asking to be corrected, and what we are asking applies to many ECIR members (not just you!!).  But it really helps.  :)

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