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Good Morning
I have just joined your group today and am looking for help.

I have a 9 year old gelding that was diagnosed with IR and Metabolic syndrome and no cushings back in Sept 2021. I have been working with several Vets since he became laminitic March 6th, 2022.
The Vet still has me giving him bute twice a day and gabapentin once a day. I have tried to reduce and he becomes worse. 
Now where I board the Family is vey stressed and feels I should put him down as it is too much trouble for them. I need to possibly relocate him because I am not giving up on him. I have boarded him there for 8 years.

My biggest question is because he is still so lame after all this time and I would like to be off the bute to start the J Herb I really don't know what to expect. I need the support of my boarding facility and go out everyday for 4 or 5 hours but it is a 2 hour drive there and back. The trimmer said she has never seen a hoof grow back peeling the way it is doing. She believes there is something else going on because he has been so bad for so long.
The Vet was out when he had a colic episode near end of May 2022. He said let him be a horse and graze early mornings. I know that shot his insulin up and have tried to explain to the barn that he needs exercise but also should not be grazing. He was around 1,400 lbs but has lost significant weight in the last 2 months due to herbal supplements. He looks great now and needs to leave more but am working on it.

What is my next move???
Shelley C MB Canada

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