Re: Dosage of Pergolide? Help understanding test results after being on pergolide

Laura Caplins

Thank you both for your suggestions. It is very informative and very helpful.
Two follow up questions: 
1) How does one determine a correct dose for Jiaogulan? 

2) It was stated that the most stable form of pergolide is capsules, and I (think) I know that Prasend is considered most stable, but are capsules good enough? How much better is it to go with Prasend vs capsules of pergolide? The woman at the vet (she was a tech not a vet) said I was 'throwing my money away, and not helping the horse' if I didnt buy Prasend and went with compunded capsules. This seems an extreme view, but is the compounded pergolide that much less effective?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Laura C
Montana 2021

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