Hooves look terrible ?? Need asssistance with hoof trimming with hoof mark-ups


I'm already feeling overwhelmed and tired but appears I will need to do corrective trims on Apollo.  Haven't been able to do much lately due to my own health issues but doing much better now.   I'm not seeing much improvement in Apollo's hooves and I think it's because farrier isn't really addressing hoof problems.  Seems he is just waiting for hooves to grow out by themselves.  Farrier didn't say much when I shared ECIR suggestions with him except doesn't agree Apollo's heels are under-run.  I wasn't familiar with condition, but after doing some research, I can see it.  Here's my current assessment of Apollo's hooves:  under run heels seem worse on right than left, backed left toe more than right, but toe still long, severe flares on sides not touched, in some areas hoof walls are uneven lengths from surface of sole.  Fortunately, Apollo remains comfortable in Clouds with pads and not showing evidence of foot soreness but I know he's not going to get better this way.

We bought a new rasp but neither my husband or myself have done any trimming.  Found a lot of information on backing up the toes. Work on area from 10 to 2 O'clock.  Start when he's standing with his foot on the floor and then pick foot up to finish.  Not sure about doing side flares.  Are they done like toe area i.e. start when he's standing?  I know one has to be careful not do too much at once in this area as it can make him sore. Looked at diagram on ramping heel but nervous about trying it and making it worse.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated.  Farrier due back for another trim in 2 weeks but don't want to wait that long.  Have lost too much time already.

Karen B.
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