Re: Hooves look terrible ?? Need asssistance with hoof trimming with hoof mark-ups

Nancy C

Hi Karen

Hang in there. It's hard work but oh so very, very rewarding when you get it right. I had to take over trimming my guys' feet when COVID came along. I will be 70 this year. Take it slow. Do it often. When they get rock hard, I soak the feet to give my hands and back a break with the rasp. I plan extra time to get the time that it takes to get the job done allowing for rest of both of us. I take lots of pictures for my own review.

Learning to the read the foot is a great investment of time as well. If one never picks up a rasp, learning the signs as outlined in this video can help owners assess what may or may not be being done by their hoof pros and help open up discussion.

In my opinion, unless lots has changed since your fall rads, Apollo should respond well to a physiologically correct trim
More here about that:

Deep breaths. Apollo appreciates you.
Nancy C in NH
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