Re: Feeding elderly horse with Cushings

Sherry Morse

Hi Jean,

We really need a case history to help you out.  If you did not change anything after getting that test result there's no reason to think that a test now will show a positive change in his insulin level unfortunately.  You may want to recheck his ACTH now in case you need to make another adjustment before we hit the full rise. 

Please note that Triple Crown Senior is not a suitable feed for an IR horse with an insulin over 200. Has your hay been tested?  If not, are you soaking it?  Is there a reason you're not using beet pulp (rinsed/soaked/rinsed) or Stabul 1 as a carrier for any supplements Snowman is on?  How much does he weigh?  How much should he weigh?  You can replace the grain with beet pulp, Stabul 1 and/or Triple Balance Timothy Balance Cubes (fed at a 3:4 ratio to hay) which should help bring his insulin down.  If it's still elevated even with a diet change you'll need to look at medication to get it down but you do not want to continue with it being over 200 which is well over the danger zone for laminitis.

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