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Trisha DePietro

Hi Rene. Are you trying to get him to eat the prascend mixed into the supplements and the carrier? If yes, you will always have trouble with this process until you separate out the Prascend.  Here is the process I used to see what was working and what was not working.  I used this groups suggestions and went through the picky eaters checklist.....I ended up taking out all the supplements and just offered the carrier for 2-3 days- just to see what would happen....she always ate the carrier...then I added back, one at a time, the vitamins and minerals over the next several days- very slowly and very small increments until up to the full dose of what she needed. Once I got her good with that, I added the Prascend, secretly hidden in a gel cap, mixed it in so food was covering it slightly and she stopped eating her food- no matter how I disguised it, it just didn't matter. So, I found a product from Horsetech that is used as a food flavoring, ordered the peppermint ( its safe for IR horses)...and I started to just syringe the peppermint. I syringed small amounts about 2-3 cc's 2-3 times a day....just to see what her reaction would be and if I could get her to appreciate the new flavor. When she really started to show an interest in the syringe, ie licking it etc. then I dissolved a 1/4 tab of prascend into it and gradually increased to her full dose which is 2 tabs. I am so afraid to type this for fear of her refusing her next dose, but its' working. I am so much happier and she is getting her full dose everyday without a hitch. I also syringe my other horse too and she also loves the peppermint flavor. Life is better now and I don't have spices and teas and samples and partially used food all over the place anymore.  The 6 cc's is tolerable to syringe, without it being too much to dribble out..( had to experiment with that too). Hope this helps...
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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