What did I do wrong this time

Kandace Krause

New photos in photo album.
K was reset on 2022 07 03, ridden one hour and finished sound on 2022 07 04, and was lame 2022 07 05.  This morning nearside fore is warm up to top of fetlock.

Changes in feed prior to lameness was allowed to eat shade grown grass after exercise for a 5 minute max, maybe 4 times.  grazed on shade grown grass 10 minutes timed, early mornings 3 times.  This is over the last month.

Changes in feed since lameness, delete soaked timothy alfalfa cubes from bucket feed (4 oz daily) no grass.

Can the reaction to shoeing be delayed by one day and ride?
Could the small amount of grass have just come to a head yesterday?
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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