Re: Zahr Update: Insulin and glucose results

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

You're not confused. You have it exactly right. I don't know what pharmacy you are dealing with but they should know the difference between x mg of pergolide base and x mg of pergolide mesylate. The problem here is that they are geared by the USP to do mg of pergolide mesylate, no mg of pergolide. However, your veterinarian's prescription should make that perfectly clear.

There is no reason to alternate days of Prascend with CP. It's the same drug. Just make sure the concentration is the same.

If your pharmacist is struck in some kind of whatever misunderstanding then ask your vet to make the prescription for the correct amount of pergolide mesylate,  not pergolide rather than pergolide. It's ridiculous that this should be an issue.

The capsules will not break down in cool water like Prascend does. You will have to open them and add to water in the syringe.

Zahr is an Arabian, a breed prone to EMS, but his history strongly suggests in his case it is the PPID causing the issues. I agree with focusing on his ACTH.
Eleanor in PA 
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