Best Time to Retest ACTH for Seasonal Rise, recent change in diet to TBC

Stacey Smith-Bohn

Wondering when the best time to test to see if Prascend needs to be increased for seasonal rise?  Terry was last tested on May 13, 2022 with 17.3 pg/mL.  By his appearance alone, I don't currently have concerns that his medication needs adjusting.  Last year we tested July 13th and ACTH was 26.2 and this group advised me to increase dosage.  As per Dr. Kellon, we have just switched him to all Timothy Balance Cubes and have added Absorb All to his diet (sorry case history does not reflect this yet) for at least a month trial to try to increase absorption/processing of his food.  With this change, what time of day would be best to draw blood?  He is being feed 4 servings a day of Timothy Balance Cubes so I was thinking sometime after the second serving which is usually between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm so I was thinking after 1:00 pm may be good as long as I don't give him any beet pulp and supplements with the second serving of TBC????  Would it be alright to give him the Absorb All with the TBC for that serving? 
Stacey Smith-Bohn, New Jersey, 2021

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