Re: New labs in - advice on increasing Pergolide & arthritic pain relief


Thank you Dr Kellon.

Yes, my vet is an acupuncturist, so I will see about scheduling a session. I believe his unsoundness is from deterioration age related to long term issues. When I started riding him, the vet who treated him then always mentioned the sacroiliac thing. He also had torn hamstrings in the past. Sunday was a stallion until his teens, when he was gelded after a testicular hernia. Then he was sold, although he did not pass the vet exam due to arthritic changes in left fore & I believe left hind. He came to live in this state, but when unsuitable for the new owner, could not be sold due to these issues. So he chose me as his new person. :) Lucky me! He has been such a blessing. He is walking out pretty sound, & also will canter & capriole :) - the lameness is most evident at the trot. I will try to get a short video to post this weekend. I may be able to supple up that sacrum area with some good ground work & lateral work at the walk - I just want him feeling as good as possible. Perhaps a short course of the firocoxib as we start his conditioning, seeing if it could be discontinued after a few weeks of suppling work. 

I will recheck his lab work in 3-4 weeks.

Thank you again!

Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
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