Re: Best Time to Retest ACTH for Seasonal Rise, recent change in diet to TBC

Stacey Smith-Bohn

Thank you Doctor Kellon, I have some more questions.  By the second week of August I will need to find a way to reduce Terry to 3 feedings a day due to my work schedule.  Will be able to feed 5:00 am, about 3:30-4:00 pm plus before bedtime about 9:00pm.  I am thinking about replacing the lunch meal with a 5lb. Bag of soaked Timothy which he would have available after his breakfast when he is turned out in a dry lot until I get home???  As it is now, he has been chewing up his stall without a slow feed hay bag over night which is an 8-9 hour stretch between meals.  I just coated a lot of his stall with hot sauce and duct tape to try and stop the destruction.  Looking for suggestions on how to make it work.  His official start of the 1 month no hay trial started June 30th.
Stacey Smith-Bohn, New Jersey, 2021

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