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Lori Ricigliano

THANK YOU !!!!! She is ! She loves her companion & they still groom each other when let to the dry arena. I feel like I let my horse down - with lack of knowledge- I hope to help her & I don’t want To repeat the same issues again - I feel horrible - the research I’ve found & the “advice “ feels so antiquated-I don’t want to put her down.  I KNOW there is a better way - thank you for any help you can provide - I will do all I can to follow it - thank you !!!!

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Hi Lori
You will get a detailed welcome message shortly with lots of helpful information. I just wanted to start you off quickly in the meantime--please don't feed the "safe choice" pellets--they are much higher in starch than we recommend. Stick with the beet pulp, it is safe. You could also soak her hay, an hour in plenty of cold water or half an hour in warm, to remove sugar, while you wait to get it tested. Drain the water where horses can't drink it. 

Stay tuned for more information on which blood tests to ask for, medications, and how to create your own folder in the case history sub-group (but congratulations on figuring out how to upload photos!). 
Hang in there. If Mya is still bright and wanting to talk to her friends, that's a good sign. 

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