Re: Emergency action needed Mya

Lori Ricigliano

I have her in cloud boots & they give her a lot of relief - they are a blessing - TheLaminitisSite gave the angles of what they would like trimmed / I’m sending to my farrier & hope he can do what they ask - I will move photos & do my best to update I’m just Not too good with computers :) 

I need to give specific directions to my farrier so he can help her - 

Thx u 

On Jul 6, 2022, at 10:13 PM, Sherry Morse via <sherry_morse@...> wrote:

Hi Lori,

Can you please put all your pictures for Mya into ONE photo album and add that photo album link to your signature.  

and delete these 2: 

As they have the least amount of pictures in them. 

Please see  for information on labeling your pictures as well.

Based on the x-rays and photos Mya needs a major trim overhaul and if you can find a pair of boots she's comfortable in I would get her in those ASAP.

Lori R in MN - 2022 

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