Re: Hind Gut issues Prascend??


Thanks Angie, your issue really does not seem related to Prascend.

Maybe my ponies have sensitive systems because of past use of bute and equioxx (they have not had any since 2018). This may have caused an imbalance. It took me a while to figure out why Isaac was not eating his supplements for 2 weeks recently. Since they can't tell me I have theories. I use Gut Health or Slippery Elm Bark powder when I start seeing fecal water on Joshua. Isaac has come around with Slippery Elm Bark powder this time until the Gut Health got here. Basic Equine claims that the Gut Health helps to restore the pH balance in the hind gut and it has worked for Joshua in the past. I had ordered it for Joshua but now looks like I will be giving it to both ponies. High hopes. Have a great day!
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