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Lori Ricigliano

Please if you could give me hoof markups for my mare Mya - I need to get her trimmed correctly by farrier ASAP - she has /had absess in toe portions as you can see - she is very sore - I’m starting the rest of the protocol and bloodwork is going to Cornell she is currently on thyroid replacement- I now have to pull her slowly off of bute - here is her folder- THANK YOU  : 

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I’m so sorry I’m trying to figure out how to best work this site - So I apologize in advance as I’m sure im not doing it correctly-  my vet & farrier have said they will give one more try to help me since I got a letter from Andrea from the laminitis site referring me to you & her offering some guidance to a better trim .

My mare is Mya - a 19 yr old half Arabian /half saddlebred mare .

This is my last chance to save my mare & learn so I don’t have to go thru this terrible disease again with two other insulin resistant horses I also have . (I had blood sent to Cornell ) I can upload their results when my vet sends them tomorrow- she didn’t send Myas as she thought her definitely metabolic - but saved the plasma she pulled in may. In case we needed it

My mare Mya foundered Aug 2020 - her thyroid was tested & she was found to have a thyroid issue and was put on thyroid L  - she was and still is on this 2gr a day .  Her last thyroid was <.05 fall 2020 .

This founder occurred in aug 2020 after giving her vaccinations. Her right foot appeared to have foundered in the past - she was in good shape - fit - working every day - except she had a somewhat creasty neck not bad but it was there . She had shoes on during this founder & she ended up absessing out her coronet bands & after removing her shoes she did absess thru soles and coronet band absessing ceased .  I did the epson salt soaks - packing feet - had absessing clear only to reappear - then we started using cloud boots and we change them daily - so some of the absessing was better but still more in the toe but at least she can walk somewhat with them. But we aren’t getting better  .

We did X-rays after this happened about 3 times - the most recent we just did in June . I did find out how to upload to your site under Mya X-rays & then I also uploaded photos of her feet to your photo site -under Mya rt foot mya left for -  I’m so sorry if I’m doing this wrong .

She is currently on 2gr bute am & pm given with maalox to buffer her stomach- esmaprazole every day to help her stomach - 1 scoop of Equinity - unsweetened wet beet pulp 2x a day & about a cup am & pm Safechoice special care pellets (10% starch x 3% sugar) along with mature alfalfa /grass hay . She has always been on alfalfa.  The hay has not been “tested” yet but is mature /stemmy.

after quickly looking at your site I see some issues I must correct- please let me know what blood tests I should request for her now - I see I should pull her from bute gradually - I will look at that in how to do - and can you look at her hoof X-rays / feet for what I should do ?

I have never felt so helpless - so much conflicted information & the answer I keep getting is put her down . She is bright - tries to walk & enjoys her friends and eating - but she is painful more on her right than left -

Any help is appreciated-
What blood work from Cornell should I request ?
medicine for her - metaformin ?

& trim for her - both my farrier & vet say they will give it one more try if I bring them new information to do - X-rays in file mya X-rays

PLEASE help - I’m sorry if I’m not doing this correctly yet .

Lori R in MN - 2022

Lori R in MN - 2022 

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