Re: Hooves look terrible ?? Need asssistance with hoof trimming with hoof mark-ups


HI Kirsten,
Thanks for encouragement and sharing your hoof trimming experience. It would be nice not having to depend on someone else to trim Apollo's hooves since it's such a critical part of his recovery.  I'd also save some money since he's currently being trimmed every 4 weeks.  I'd honestly rather work with vets than farriers maybe because I worked in health care for 36 years and understand more on how doctors think.  Our farrier is well respected and very nice person who really cares about helping people with their horses so I don't understand why he doesn't seem more interested in ECIR suggestions.  He told me he doesn't think photographs of horse hooves always accurately show what's going on.  Should also tell you he also does photography. 

I am surprised Apollo is as comfortable as he is in his boots and pads.  He hasn't moved this well in over a year. Sometimes Apollo trots and canters in paddock when our younger horse if goofing off.  Have even seen him buck a couple of times.  Makes me cringe because I worry he is damaging his feet more.  Footing is fairly soft but paddock is slightly sloped.  When he walks on firm, flat surface he seems to be fulling extending his knees and feet come down heel first but he sometimes also seems to trip on left side. We've only done short 5 minute walks outside of his paddock just to give him some mental stimulation.  He really enjoys it and remains comfortable after.

Didn't get rear hoof pictures last night. Hopefully will get tonight with husband's help but think I should begin trimming now.  Found info on taking long toes back but not how to reduce flares on sides of hooves.  Do I file them from top or bottom or from both directions like when backing toes?  Found picture in ECIR files on where to file on under-run heel but need more input on which heels and how much.

Karen B.
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