Re: What did I do wrong this time

Kandace Krause

I Thank you Dr Kellon,
I will ask and or offer to pay my farrier for his time to read the article you sent me, IMO it is what he is trying to do, albeit slowly, but I am most definately not that literate in the hoof talk/shape/health process.  K's heels are curling in as they grow, so every retrim we do have to back them up and shorten them, possibly too little due to caution.

I will round up a helper to do the full photo required this weekend, but wonder if it would be better to have new radiographs done for mark ups.  If so that will be a ways out as my vet will not be in my area for some weeks.

With all due respect, after having been "fired" as a client from a veterinary clinic that I had been a client of longer than any of the vets working there, I am very reluctant to loose a great farrier.  My horses are in an area an hours drive minimum from any equine professionals and they are hard to replace as the work here is limited and the travel long.  I had asked Lavina if she could provide me with credentials so when I presented her advice I could back it up with her knowledge base, as I do with your VMD.  Unfortunately, I did not see an anwer from her.  I am treading lightly with my "advice" because my team has not become full follwers of ECIR.s
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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