Grazing Muzzle + Sweet Itch?


Hi friends -

Well we're having an interesting time adjusting to our first summer here in Maryland :) 

1. Grazing Muzzles - Advice Wanted: 
- tried Best Friends, Tough 1, similar; Bella removes hers, 100% of the time, and Odin so far has refused to eat/drink with his on during 1, 2, and 4 hour tests
- ordered Greenguard based on boarding barn recommendation; will arrive next Monday 
- any other brands/models I should try? a bit at my wits' end here 
- NOTE: They ARE on grass (mostly weeds now); I know this is NOT recommended but I've had zero luck finding a dry lot within 60 miles, so I've got to get this muzzle thing to work  

2. Sweet Itch - New Issue
- haven't encountered Sweet Itch before, but see bug-based reactions to some extent in 3/3 ponies (including my younger Arabian gelding) since our move from much dryer Idaho in March 
- Bella is by far the worst - she's rubbing herself on their run-in, but not exhibiting the sitting dog behavior etc. that I've read is possible with severe cases - she seems pretty unhappy though 
- they are currently in fly masks (which they keep removing) and fly boots (which they keep on)
- I purchased a Rambo fly sheet for Bella but she's not a fan, so I haven't enforced wear 
- I use SWAT, Pyranha/Farnam Endure sprays and Farriers' Wife Belly Salve for the prurient areas 
- what else should I try? 

Thanks y'all for any feedback! 
Jen McCabe
Laytonsville, Maryland 
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+ Odin (2010 BLM Mustang - IR/EMS diagnosed after Winter Laminitis), Bella (2008 BLM Mustang - PPID/Cushings diagnosed in 2000)+ Fiki (2015 Arabian)
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