Re: Hoof Markups Needed Lavenia for farrier

Lori Ricigliano

Ok - thank you - I will redo & take new ones tomorrow 
& no - no trimming has been done since the rads were taken last Thurs. 

I’ll add & then send email 

Do you know off hand if her thyroid level is ok? The bloodwork was from yesterday’s draw 
She gets 2 scoops of thyrol L a day and is testing at TT4 3.3 ph/dl  the last time we tested her & vet determined we needed to add levothroxine was 9/2/20 & she was TT4  <.5 ph/dl 
That was right after the founder incident in august 2020. 

On Jul 9, 2022, at 12:01 AM, Lavinia Fiscaletti <shilohmom@...> wrote:

Hi Lori,

You're doing fine- no need to be sorry.

Has there been any trimming done since the radiographs were taken?

The views that are needed are: dorsal, lateral, sole and sole plane. No need for medials or heels. Sole plane means showing the bottom of the foot as you look at it from front to back. Here's and example:

Would you please retake the RF lateral photo with the camera literally on the ground so that you the lens is at the same level as the hoof, rather than aiming down on it. Set the camera so it's even with the side of the hoof  - like you did for the LF lateral shot. Also, please take the same set of photos for the hind feet.


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