Re: feeding prascend in a mix


I recently had to begin syringing in Sunday's pergolide. I found using the disposable syringes awkward, as I always seemed to get sprayed by a little bit of water & partly dissolved med when I released pressure by removing my finger from the tip after inserting the plunger. Now I have a reusable syringe like this:
It works great - I unscrew the plunger back & remove, place pills or capsule powder into syringe, put plunger back & screw down, then suck desired amount of warm water up through the tip (3 cc). I can do this even just with the stream running from the tap. Place finger over tip to shake. Works great & lasts forever. Plunger can be lubed with a bit of coconut oil or similar if it begins to get sticky.
Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
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