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My barn owner’s (who is also a close friend) horse is having a laminitic episode which started Thursday. She noticed the horse taking occasional “off steps” when getting him ready to ride & when riding that day. He was not lame during riding but had those occasional weird  steps. She cut the session short & then noticed he had pounding pulses in his fronts. She had his hocks injected a few days prior to this. She’s had metabolic bloodwork done on the horse a few times but he’s never really showed any issues. (Disclaimer- not sure if she did labs fasting or not & not sure which lab blood was sent to.) She immediately took him to our local vet who pulled his shoes, put on the rocker frog relief shoes, did X-rays, gave IV DMSO & started 1mg of Ace IM every 8 hours (to increase blood flow to the hooves). BO said that she’s not changing his feed as he’s already on a grass hay (untested) & TC ration balancer. They did not take any toe off- he’s a saddleseat horse & has got long hooves. The vet did confirm it’s a very mild laminitic episode that was caught very early & they are choosing to treat it very aggressively. The vet did say that she no longer recommends icing as it doesn’t really help- this was amazing to me that they are finally on track with this- yay! My BO does not follow ECIR group & tends to humor me when I make changes to my horses diet & meds based off of recommendations from the group. 

My question is- how do you feel about this plan of treatment for steroid induced laminitis & could you please explain why you feel that way. I am genuinely curious about this plan of treatment & if you think if will help or not & why. I have no intention to share info with my BO unless she specifically asks. I don’t want to get into a situation with her that might be detrimental to our friendship. Thanks in advance. 
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