Re: feeding prascend in a mix

Cindy Giovanetti

I open the capsule and put the medicated powder into the goat drencher tube dry.  Then I assemble the syringe and suck up a little bit of baby food (carrot, banana, and mango).  Shake well and let it sit for a while. 

I have to sneak a rope around Eeyore’s head and very gently press his head against my thigh.  (He’s a mini.)  Then, you just have to get the tip between the lips.  Once that’s done, go in a little bit further and squeeze.  Then I give him a good scratch.


Eeyore is very sensitive, and I was afraid this would ruin our relationship.  But he understands this only happens once a day.  Yes, he avoids me at that time of the day, but I am persistently gentle, and proceed with the attitude that this is crucial for your health and not optional.  It simply has to be done.



Cindy, Oden, and Eeyore, North Texas
On ECIR protocol since 2/19

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